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See My Voice

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Why is our Blog called ‘See My Voice’?

Good Question! A handful of years ago Cindy dreamed up this really cool process for us. We thought it was so great, we even designed a logo and trademarked it.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Get Results. See My Voice.

The power of great design comes from being able to convey what someone is trying to communicate in a visual way. I don’t always need you to hear my voice, often times I want you see what I am saying and understand it for yourself. This is the brilliance of design and what we do day in and day out. We take concepts and ideas, and turn them into visual pieces that tell a message or a story.

Over time our use of the name and logo faded, but its still a great name with meaning and carries some weight around here. Because of that, it seemed very fitting to bring back ‘See My Voice’ as the name of our BLOG. We hope you enjoy it!

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    Cool typography project and special gift we wanted to share!

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    Timeline Photos

    Keeping with our Typography theme this month.

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