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DESCRIPTION OF graphic process system (GPS)

Mapping your design opportunities

One way we track projects is through our Graphic Process System (GPS), here is the complete overview.

HANNA believes in developing a complete understanding of a customer’s vision. That mutual understanding is “mapped” using HANNA’s proprietary diagramming process. We take this extra step very seriously. Our 30+ years of experience have taught us that it is important to honor the steps in the design process and customize them for each unique project in order to have a satisfactory conclusion. We are committed to the mutual goals and understandings that our process delivers and we know that it helps clients to better understand where we are headed. HANNA’s unique GPS—Graphic Project (Mapping) System—will guide your project; keep it on task, on time, and on budget. Our GPS process adds value and controls costs. But primarily HANNA’s GPS provides reassurance to both the customer and the web design team that we are all on the same track toward a successful outcome.

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Cool typography project and special gift we wanted to share!

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Timeline Photos

Keeping with our Typography theme this month.

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